Earn Higher Revenue Per Customer edited

Many businesses tend to focus on gaining new customers to increase revenue. Sometimes they end up neglecting their existing customers. This is a big mistake as your existing customer base is a good source of business revenue. Here are 3 tips on how to increase average revenue per customer for your coin laundry business:

  1. Entice Customers to Spend More

Laundry services typically consist of washing and drying. Hence, you need to offer other complementary products to encourage more spending from your existing customers. This may include scented softener or folding services. You can also get creative by providing entertainment or refreshment within your premises such as game stations or a cafe to increase revenue.

  1. Get Personal

The best way to enhance customer satisfaction is to personalise your service using customer information obtained via customer loyalty programme. Even though a coin laundry is a self-service business, you should take time to get to know your regular customers. Greet them by their names, engage them in conversations about their work and hobbies. The point is to make them feel welcomed and comfortable at your laundry shop.

  1. Surprise Your Customers

Show your customers how much you appreciate their business. Sending them little gifts such as discount vouchers or a free membership is the best way to tell them to come back. If your customers have kids, small gifts for the little ones would surely delight the parents. When customers feel appreciated, they are more likely to return and recommend your shop to their friends and family.

A happy customer is a walking advertisement for your laundry business. They are more willing to spend at your shop as well as encourage others to use your services.

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